Hemispheres & Metal Spheres Customized For Any Application

We all have a favorite Asian restaurant and most chefs insist metal sphere for brewing beerthat the wok they use is just as important to the flavor as the blend of ingredients. World renowned brewmeisters claim that the craft beer they brew is superior to others due to the spherical copper brew kettles. Architectural designers have been using metal spheres and hemispheres in their decorative displays in both residential and commercial settings for many years.

Whether it is manufacturing stainless steel mixing bowls for commercial kitchens or bronze wall scones for a new lighting design, a variety of metals can be manufactured into these seamless shapes using two different metal forming processes.

Deep Drawn Stamping of Hemispheres

Deep Draw Metal Stamping is one of the quickest processes to manufacture precision metal hemispheres. In this process, a sheet metal “blank“ is stretched out in a controlled manner, into a round, closed, cupped bottom die with the help of a punch.

The pressure of the punch forces the metal into a state where it can be drawn over and into a die that gives it the shape, without breaking. This happens under controlled conditions with appropriate lubrication.

The tooling starts from a block of maple wood that is cut on a CNC lathe to the proper inside dimensions of the hemisphere, which forms the die. The punch is made of carbon, tool, or alloy steel.

High volumes of deep drawn hemispheres can be manufactured without inflating costs. We can produce 500 parts at a time at our factory. Our superior technology allows us to work with 14 gauge stainless steel that is much thicker than what is normally used in deep drawing.

Custom Metal Spinning of Spheres and Hemispheres

Metal spinning is perfect for custom shapes for a modern line of kitchen equipment or lighting shades that are axially symmetric. Spin forming; another name for metal spinning uses a circular flat sheet metal that’s held between the mandrel and a clamp on a CNC. The sheet is spun by the spindle of the CNC lathe and given shape by a roller tool.

The roller tool is used to shape the metal sheet onto the mandrel. The wider rollers are used for producing a smoother finish.

The most popular shapes that metal spinning can produce are conical, cylindrical or spherical and can be made out of Aluminum, Copper, Brass and Stainless Steel.

Symmetry and patterns have always caught the human eye more than anything else. And spherical shapes in every walk of our lives are ample proof of that.

Whether it’s the chef, the brewmaster or the interior designer; the commonality in craftsmen, who use spherical metal shapes, is to excel in their craft and bring out the best.

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